Real-time stability testing of deltaFLU shows no titer loss after 2 years in storage

Influenza pandemic preparedness requires rapid availability of hundreds of millions of doses of an appropriate and effective vaccine. Strategies for preparedness include development of fast and reliable vaccine production technologies, and vaccine stockpiling. Vivaldi’s technologies enable expedited, large-scale production of deltaFLU for rapid response to a pandemic. Vivaldi’s Vero cell manufacturing process makes it possible to deliver deltaFLU vaccines just 7 weeks from the declaration of an influenza pandemic.

A successful stockpiling strategy for pandemic preparedness requires a vaccine that retains its safety, potency, and purity in long-term storage. deltaFLU bulk vaccine shows excellent stability in storage at ≤−60°C, with no titer loss after 2 years in real-time testing. Long-term stability testing is ongoing. The excellent stability of deltaFLU means that only low-volume capacities are needed for long-term storage of a pandemic vaccine. Moreover, the nasal spray dosage form of deltaFLU is well suited to mass administration (with a multi-dose spray device) in the event of a pandemic, and avoids the hazards of needle stick and needle disposal associated with conventional vaccines.

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