Proprietary purification technology streamlines deltaFLU production

Vivaldi has developed a high-efficiency high-yield Vero cell process for producing deltaFLU vaccines with excellent purity and potency. Pivotal to the product quality and high yields is a proprietary purification technology for which Vivaldi has secured exclusive rights for production of NS1-modified influenza vaccines, including all deltaFLU vaccines. The technology provides a superior method to efficiently purify deltaFLU, and enables a streamlined capture-step purification process following propagation of deltaFLU vaccine strains in serum-free Vero cell culture. Pilot-scale GMP production of deltaFLU achieved an overall yield of 80% with this process. Commercial-scale production of live virus vaccines grown in cell culture typically achieves yields of 15% to 30%. Vivaldi’s high-yield process translates to a low per-dose cost and opportunity for favorable pricing of deltaFLU vaccines for seasonal and pandemic influenza.

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